Hydraulic U-Rings and their versatility | News | JIOrings

Hydraulic U-rings are also known as lip seals

Among the wide variety of existing sealing gaskets, there is a type of seal that stands out above the rest thanks to its versatility: hydraulic U-Rings. Consult our stock of lip seals in real time, without obligation:

U-Ring Profile Material Hardness
UN UN U-Ring Polyurethane 90 SH A
D2 D2 U-Ring Polyurethane 95 SH A
D3 D3 U-Ring Polyurethane 95 SH A

What characteristic makes the U-Rings so special?

The answer is simple, and we have already revealed it to you: their versatility.

The great symmetry of the U-Ring provides a very effective closure, and due to the self-compression of the lips during the assembly process and the effect of the opening of the lips due to the pressure received, this achieves a great seal. The UN U-Ring (also known as the symmetrical or equal lip seal) can be mounted both on the rod and on the piston and, on the other hand, it can be used on both single-acting and double-acting cylinders.

The D2 and D3 U-Rings, on the other hand, are only valid for the rod because the outer lip is higher than the inner lip. The PUL95 blend for the UN and PUL93 blend for the D2 and D3 guarantee a high-performance polyurethane (PUR and PU) in all hydraulic and/or pneumatic applications.

If to all of this we add that they also have a low cost, are easy to assemble and disassemble, and have an excellent resistance to wear, it is not surprising that hydraulic U-Rings are the ultimate versatile seal.

Mostly manufactured in L-93 polyurethane, a high-performance thermoplastic, hydraulic U-Rings offer an excellent resistance to abrasion, friction and wear, as well as a low permanent deformation.

At JIOrings, we have the widest range of UN measurements on the market, with around 1,500 standard measurements both in metrics and inches, which allows us to immediately respond to the market needs without having to offer machined parts that are usually more expensive. We also have a special case with 4 U-ring mounting clips.

Remember that whenever you need to place an order for U-Rings, you have the guarantee that you will receive it within 24 hours if you are in Spain and Portugal. We are the quickest way to find a seal and, in the case of U-Rings, their versatility is more than ensured.